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Ontario Truck and Tractor Pulling

Pulling Classes

Within the OTTPA, competitors have the option to build a pulling vehicle to fit within a certain class. Pulling classes range from 2WD Trucks, to Modified Farm Tractors, to Alcohol Burning Mini Modified Tractors. These competition vehicles allow everyone to start pulling, and keeps all vehicles on a level playing field. Rules for each class specify the hitch height, chassis modifications, engine limitations, and maximum weight. Here's a breakdown of the OTTPA Classes!

Circuit Vintage Tractors: 

The tractors competing in this class weigh a maximum of 5,750lbs. Tractors must be older than 1972, and have a stationary hitch no higher than 20". Engines are limited in RPM to 3,000rpm, and speed is limited to 8mph in the speed limited class. The engines are naturally aspirated, not permitting the use of a turbocharger to increase power output. 

Modified Farm Tractors:

Modified Farm Tractors, weigh in at different weight classes, ranging from 8,000lbs to 10,500lbs. Engines are turbocharged or naturally aspirated, with a cubic inch limit of 410 cubic inches on the turbocharged tractors. These Farm Tractors visually look similar to a standard farm tractor, but the roll cage, cut tires and high performance engines quickly set them apart from the rest!

Pro Stock Tractors:

Pro Stock Tractors are the High Horsepower, Extreme vehicles competitors most commonly associate with high level pulling in the NTPA and US circuits. Pro Stock tractors may be powered by Alcohol or Diesel Fuel. Engines may be cooled with Water Injection, and these machines weigh in anywhere from 7,500lbs to 10,000lbs. The Heavy Pro Stock Tractors feature a Turbocharged Diesel Engine. Component Tractors are also permitted, which look like most of the tractors in the class, but feature a completely custom built chassis!

Single Engine Modified Tractors:

Weighing in at 6,100lbs, Single Engine Modified tractors combine the size and pulling style of full size tractors, with the alcohol burning V8 power seen in other classes. Maximum Engine Size is 575 Cubic Inches. These tractors have roll cages to protect the drivers, and you'll see the competitors wearing fireproof attire, to protect them from fire if the engine has a failure.

Multi-Engine Modified Tractors:

Multi-Engine Tractors are the outright most powerful pulling machines on the circuit. Multi-Engines feature as much as 6 V8 Small Block Engines, or 3 Supercharged Alcohol Burning Big Blocks. It's not uncommon to see tractors with turbine or industrial engines as well, most commonly only used on aircraft! All this horsepower, in some cases 10,000hp or more, is harnessed and transferred to the ground through a component chassis, at a weight of only 7,900lbs.

Mini Modified Tractors:

The cowboys of the sport of tractor pulling, Mini Modified are the wildest ride one could ask for! Weighing only 2,100lbs, and in a condensed, short wheelbase frame, these machines offer fans and competitors alike an exciting show. Mini Modified feature both Naturally Aspirated and Supercharged configurations, some making in excess of 1,000hp. All this power is driven to the ground through a set of purpose built pulling tires. Rollcages and fire suits are mandatory to protect the driver's!

Hot Stock 4x4 Trucks:

The entry-level to 4x4 Truck Pulling, Hot Stock 4x4 trucks are stripped down to no more than 5,600lbs. These pulling vehicles can feature either Mechanically Injected, 58mm Turbocharged Diesels, Carbureted 525 Cubic Inch Iron Big Blocks, or Fuel Injected, Factory Aluminum Headed V8 Engines. While the engine combinations range widely, the small tires, lightweight aspect of this class restricts traction, putting an emphasis on driver's and chassis setup!

Super Stock 4x4 Trucks:

The first class to feature a front weight box, Super Stock Trucks stand aside from the rest in terms of "street look alike". While Super Stock trucks bodies look similar to a street driven truck, The alcohol burning, aluminum intake Big Blocks within these trucks make it obvious these aren't your average pickup. Super Stock Trucks weigh a maximum of 6,000lbs, and transfer power to the ground through 35" DOT Tires.

Super Modified 4x4 Trucks:

The utmost in 4x4 pulling, Super Modified Trucks push the limits of the term 4x4 truck. Burning Gasoline, Alcohol or Diesel fuel, these trucks are both naturally aspirated engines up to 650 cubic inches, Supercharged engine to 500 cubic inches, and Diesel engines up to 466 Cubic Inches. These trucks use 4 cut pulling tires to transfer power to the track, and permit the use of a weight box on the front of the vehicle.

Super Modified TWD Trucks:

Supercharged, 575 Cubic Inch TWD Trucks bring noise, horsepower and wheelies onto the track. The crowd is always excited to see these alcohol burning, fire breathing monsters scratch there way down the track, fighting for traction and inches in this tightly competed class. Power is transferred to the ground through only two pulling tires, making these trucks stand up and wheel stand down the track when they get traction!

Super Street Diesel Trucks:

These street legal, 4WD Diesel Pickup trucks are anything from the ordinary. Powered by a 2.6 Maximum Smoothbore Turbocharger, these diesel pickups look and sound similar to a street truck but can push as much as 800hp. Look forward to seeing these trucks start pulling with the OTTPA during the 2018 season!


Pro Street Diesel Trucks:

Pro Street Diesel trucks can somewhat resemble the trucks you'd see on the road, but you'll quickly find out the difference. Featuring 3/4 and 1 ton trucks from Ford, GM and Dodge, these 3.0 Smoothbore Turbocharged Diesel Trucks transfer power to the ground through DOT tires. These engines can produce as much as 1200HP through a 3.0 Smoothbore turbocharger, and can feature 2 or more Fuel Injection Pumps!

Pro Modified Diesel Trucks:

The most powerful, high performance diesel trucks in Ontario right now, Pro Modified Diesels use 4 pulling tires to put the power into the track. Running 3.6" Turbochargers, tube-chassises, and tilting fibreglass bodies, these pull trucks are the pinnacle of performance in Diesel Truck Pulling. Come watch the smoke and sound of these high performance trucks this summer at an OTTPA event near you!

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